The first contemporary romance by Lily White, Crazy Madly Deeply) is scheduled to release on March 14, 2018.

Cover Reveal is scheduled for February 23, 2018.

See below for details, including an exclusive preorder with iBooks.




(COMING MARCH 14, 2018)


Holden sees things.

Lots of things.

Things we would call ugly, but he believes are beautiful.


He paints sad pictures.

And strums lonely guitars.

He drowns out the taunting voices while shunning the expected norms.


I let them hurt him.

I wasn’t strong enough to speak out.

I hurt him, too, only to prove I wasn’t just like him.


But then I saw him.

I heard him.

I learned why Holden wasn’t CRAZY like they said.


I loved him MADLY.

I fell for him DEEPLY.

And alone, I decided to save a man who was the most beautiful of us all.


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